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...out of nowhere a few choice words can lift us up, delight us, at times, redefine our world.

Marilyn Monroe's raw wisdom... "if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best" is powerful and timeless. Her words contain an equal measure of humor, assertion, love and "sassy" ...her words "stand tall" to this day and could be very useful ...for family, friends, lovers, young and old to include in our thoughts and relationships.

As husband, father and grandfather ...I appreciate how life is a blend of tough, crazy, wonderful and exciting ...often in one day. Well placed words can lift us in moments we feel down. Help us smile when we don't really want to. Lift and empower when we would rather hold back.
LoveQuotesGear shares my slant on some of the world's, quotes about life, love and happiness ...with words to heal and bond, phrases to stir and ruffle, and wisdom  to warm a lonely heart or feed a lost soul. May we smile and grow together.

LoveQuotesGear products will include a multitude of quality t-shirts, tank-tops, hoodies, mugs, pillow slips, wall prints and more.

Thank you for visiting ...especially if you intend to purchase ...a huge shout out to you folks on the opposite side of "Down Under" ...who care to place your trust in these early days. The majority of the products are processed in good old USA.

Be free, happy and complete.
Enjoy, John

PS: Please share your life changing, funny, brilliant, brave or "aha" captions to  or ...or skip email and use Messenger as we need all the help we can to build this site. Any successful contributions may become a win-win result for all (thank you in advance).

Wall Art  ...helped us buy our dream home!
Years ago my wife gently suggested her happiness would be enhanced if we could one day live in a house just like the cottage in the movie "Message in a Bottle” ...close to water and away from the maddening crowd.
Over a year ago our dream was realized and Wall Art has played a major role ...adding at least $50,000 to the value of our humble home.
We had decided to spruce up and sell to take advantage of inflated city prices. Realtors had advised us to remove all family photos to simplify making it easier for prospective buyers to own the decor for themselves.
After many months of removing old sheds, building decking plus completely repainting the house interior ...the job was done.
Wall Art gave us the enjoyable freedom to link with throws and cushions nicely, as a simple low-cost solution, keeping the walls light and bright and neutral.
The plain walls help the framed prints leap off the wall when an effort is made to “color connect with the bed linen” (credit to my lovely wife of course).
A small section of Wall Art can make a very big difference to a small room.
A front view of our new home and final resting place no way resembling "Message in a Bottle Cottage" ...though as it is surrounded by trees and water is "Our  Sanctuary".
...we are never going to leave ...ever!

May your Dreams come true...
Cheers, John Charity.